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Cosmetic Dental Services: Tooth Whitening

Everyone can quickly improve the appearance of their smile with a fast and easy tooth whitening procedure. Tooth whitening is effective and safe, and offers results quickly. One of our most popular tooth whitening services is Zoom Whitening.

Whiten your teeth quickly and painlessly, with Zoom Whitening Services at Shadow Valley Dental. Zoom Whitening is the professional whitening brand most requested by patients. Why? Because it works!

Zoom Whitening is an excellent cosmetic dental procedure that will take your smile to another level. At Shadow Valley Dental, we recommend Zoom Whitening to our patients when they request a brighter, whiter smile.

Zoom Whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure that utilizes light-acceleration and whitening gel to make discolored teeth whiter and brighter.

Zoom Whitening offers immediate results, and only takes about an hour with Dr. Hasty. It is a completely safe, professional, and effective whitening procedure the entire family can use.

Ask for Zoom Whitening at your next visit to Shadow Valley Dental in Maumee, Ohio!