Frequently Asked Questions2023-05-05T00:05:45+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment plans do you accept?2023-05-05T00:09:02+00:00

To cover your portion of treatment, we accept cash, check, and most major credit cards. Dental Payment Plans are available through CareCredit for qualified applicants.

See our Financial Flexibility page for more details

Do you accept my insurance?2023-05-05T00:08:12+00:00
We accept payment from nearly all dental insurance companies. Our administrative team promises to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance manageable. If you have any questions regarding your specific insurance benefits, please call our office at (419) 865-3085 and we will be happy to find out how your coverage works in our office.
What is your emergency care policy?2023-05-05T00:07:56+00:00
If you have an emergency after hours, call the main line where you will be given an emergency number. Dr. is more than happy to take phone calls after hours- he knows how painful a sore tooth can be! Also, we welcome walk-ins during regular office hours.
Does your practice see children?2023-05-05T00:07:34+00:00
As a family and children’s dental practice, we treat patients of all ages. Dr. encourages moms and dads to bring in their little loved ones shortly after their first birthday. This first visit helps build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy oral habits and regular dental visits. Short and easy appointments as toddlers helps make children far less apprehensive as they get older. Call us or make an appointment online for more information.
My gums bleed when I brush. Should I worry?2023-05-05T00:07:18+00:00
Swollen and bleeding gums may indicate early signs of periodontal, or gum disease. Because these symptoms are generally mild, many people ignore them and the disease progresses. In fact, gum disease is the number-one cause of adult tooth decay. If you notice that your gums bleed after you brush, or if they are red, swollen, or tender, contact our office to make an appointment.
Do I really need a checkup every six months?2023-05-05T00:06:52+00:00
Dr. recommends that patients with healthy teeth and gums schedule a routine appointment every six months. We will clean your teeth and assess for dental disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, and other potentially serious problems. By finding trouble in the early stages, we can often correct problems with conservative treatment. Patients with periodontal problems (gum disease) may need visit us more frequently; we will advise you how often depending upon your condition. Call our office today to book your next checkup.
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